2016 JetManiac Motor Raffle

2016 JetManiac Motor Raffle

2016 JetManiac Wavedaze Special Edition Motor Raffle

Special raffle for 2016’s April Wavedaze!

Here is the info on the motor JetManiac is offering up @ $25/ticket. Hit Dan up at the event or ahead of time if you are interested in getting in on the deal.

JetManiac/Blue freestyle ported 718-760cc motor
*62t cases- complete freestyle ported and epoxied in intake, top, and stator area.
*61x cylinder- freestyle ported, fresh bored and exhaust/head decked
*second stage BB freestyle porting to cylinder and cases. BB sleeve mods for more transfer flow
*New Pro-X top end with new pistons, rings, and wrist pin bearings
*New Rebuilt OEM Crankshaft by SBT with all new rods and bearings, then trued and welded, includes 1 year no fault warranty
*New engine base gasket and Orings
*New OEM crank seals
*Sandblasted and then bead blasted, painted and baked on beautiful silver aluminum finish
*New carb jets and springs for oem 38’s included, and carb tuning specs included

*ADA Black complete girdled head kit (ADA girdled head shell, girdle kit, 2 domes, orings, hardware)
*JM SS cylinder head allen bling bolt kit
*Black 62t intake manifold and reeds
*JM SS 62t intake allen bling bolt kit
*ADA billet engine driveline coupler
*JetManiac/Dasa Black billet flywheel cover
*JM SS 62t flycover allen bling bolt kit

Total motor package value $2,575.

This is going to be a sweet looking and performing motor!

Odds of winning are 1 in 300.

Again this raffle goes 100% to charity. Any questions please pm me.