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Required by law

All personal watercraft riders and passengers are required to wear a type III or type V personal flotation device.

All personal watercraft pilots are required to wear cutoff an lanyards that are attached to the wrist or life jacket while riding.

All personal watercraft are required to carry a fire extinguisher.  The saying goes, it is not just for your ski, it is for you to use to aid another watercraft that might be on fire in the water.

Yes, there is a whistle law too.
Outside of the ride area, watercraft may not be operated within 100 yards of piers, the jetty, fishermen, swimmers, waders, surfers, etc.  Please exercise caution within the ride area should swimmers or surfers drift into our designated area.  They’ll eventually move or get moved.  Remember, we want this event to be fun for everyone, so lets prevent any unnecessary injuries.
Please obey the No Wake Zone which encompasses the entire Rudee Inlet out of the Owl’s Creek boat ramp.  No “no wake” in the Freeride zone!

Tips & Guidelines

Tow rope

All skis must have TOW LOOPS.  A simple 8 inch piece of rope or ratchet strap material should be tied on both the front and rear bow eyes of the ski.

TOW ROPES should be of decent length (15 feet) with stainless hooks attached on both ends, and not thrown into a compartment where it takes you five minutes to untangle a big mess to get it out and ready for towing.  Basically, you want a pretty short rope to so both skis traverse the same conditions/waves at approximately the same time.

Some advise wearing the tow rope around the waist, or keeping it separate from other items, it’s up to you, but it should be readily available for use.

Each surf rider is responsible to be prepared for the worst. The safest piece of hardware you need (except for a helmet) is a tow line.  Riding surf tests the reliability of any watercraft above its expected normal mode of operation.  Don’t expect that the first rider or two who offer to help with have a tow line, because they may not have read this tip, so it is up to you to be prepared.

The TOW SIGNAL is a fist tapped thumb down on the top of the head.

Have the rope ready, and when your tow boat runs by, hook into his tow loops, and keep free of the rope.  YELL as soon as you are ready to be towed, which should be QUICKLY.  The surf can get very rough (if we’re lucky!), and this can get sketchy so be sure to keep your helmet on and mind any crashing waves.


REQUIRED!!!!  A helmet is always a good idea, should the ski decide to run you over, or someone else for that matter, at least your face won’t hurt to look at.

Beaching your ski

  • Please be aware of your surroundings and where you are beaching.
  • Sometimes the ski will grab more or less sand causing for a quick or a lengthy stop.  Make sure you plan enough room up the beach and stay low in case your skis stops suddenly (classic!).  
  • It helps to time beaching by cruising in just behind a wave all the way close to shore and then blipping the throttle just right at the end.
  • Also remember that the tide will be up and down all weekend.  Low tide means you might want to beach a little higher up so that your ski won’t drift away when the tide comes in.
  • Big skis… just be careful.  And try not to get stuck too far up at high tide.
  • Ask for help if you are worried about – freeriders love to offer tips!

Speed limit

This is not to spoil your fun, because we all know there aren’t any speed limits on the water, that’s why we love it. The ride area is limited to 35mph!!!!  This is due to the heavy amount of traffic we will have, including new riders, people coming on and off the beach as well as people doing unplanned dismounts.  Should you want to run your ski wide open for a good distance, please feel free to do it outside of the ride area.


All riders who wish to ride in the Wavedaze ride area will be required to wear a wrist band indicating that they have paid and registered their ski.  This wrist band will come with other bonuses – like drink and food discounts at the after ride get together, as well as let you recognize other riders who are in town for the weekend.

Okay signal

Should you take a hard bail, and you see people showing concern, please give a simple thumbs up if you think you are okay to get back on your ski and continue the fun.  Signal for help if things don’t seem right and you cannot get back to shore.