Wavedaze 2007 Wrap-up

Wavedaze 2007 Wrap-up

October 6-7, 2007

The Virginia Beach Wavejunkies are pleased to announce the first annual Wavedaze in Virginia Beach, VA October 6 & 7 2007 was a huge success. With the support of vendors, volunteers and cooperation of the City of Virginia Beach, Wavedaze was truly an exciting and memorable event. The whole atmosphere of the event was fun and family-oriented. In our first year Wavedaze had over 60 registered skis and hundreds of spectators and onlookers.

Our success was possible through the contributions of vendors and volunteers. Their donations of products, time, and energy helped the Virginia Beach Wavejunkies and the AWA showcase the positive aspects of PWC’s as recreation and a sport, while raising over $1500 with proceeds going to the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad. Many people in the community looked at the events at Wavedaze and have taken a new interest. Wavedaze will continue to reflect positively in Virginia Beach and the PWC community in the future.

Virginia Beach Wavejunkies | Lifeline Photography | Cycle Gear
Steven Webber | P&P Performance | VBPD Marine Unit
Mr. & Mrs. Kim | Beach Bully | Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue

Please contact us to join in the continued success of the sport.

Allen Loree

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